What is Featured Mediator?

Becoming a Featured Mediator maximizes exposure of your mediation practice brand to your ideal Hiring Parties. It helps you Stand-Out in a crowded market.

What is included with Featured Mediator package?

Home page Featured Mediator: increase your visibility on the most visited page

Blog posts Featured Mediators: Show your profile to targeted visitors looking to a specific content. These Visitors are likely at the top of the funnel and are looking to know more about mediation practice. Being visible to them, helps you position your practice at the top of their heads.

Why should I become a Featured Mediator?

Featured Mediator is the best way to showcase your mediation practice brand and ensure the maximum exposure. Being Featured gives a notoriety and makes you visible more often.

How it works?

Each time a prospect visits a page a randomly selected Featured Mediators will be shown. If the visitor refreshes the page or moves to another page, a different set of random Featured Mediators is shown.

How much does it cost?

Laser targeting is crucial in marketing! If you’re a Business mediator (practice area: WC, Workplace, real-estate, commercial, Etc.) you don’t want to pay $$$ to promote your practice for people looking to hire a Divorce Mediator! And vice versa.

Here are the featured Mediator spots available for purchase:

  • Home Page Featured: $6.99 for 1 month or 9.99 for 2 months
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    Featured on Home page.
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  • Personal Mediation (like blog articles about divorce, children…): $3.99 for 1 month or 5.99 for 2 months
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    Featured on Personal Mediation.
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  • Business Mediation(like blog articles about workplace, workers compensation, ..): $3.99 for 1 month or 5.99 for 2 months
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    Featured on Business Mediation.
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  • Promoted Landing Pages (special promoted pages via advertisement campaigns) : check regularly the current promoted pages in your location. Contact Us for Available Promotions